WFUWO Honored to Participate in NGO CSW Celebration

September 21, 2023

(GENEVA – September 21, 2023) – On the International Day of Peace, the NGO Committee on the Status of Women (NGO CSW) celebrated a significant milestone – its 50th anniversary. The event, hosted at the prestigious Palais Anna and Jean-Gabriel Eynard brought together representatives from 28 member organizations, including the World Federation of Ukrainian Women’s Organizations (WFUWO).
NGO CSW has been at the forefront of advocating for gender equality and women’s empowerment for half a century. WFUWO is proud to have been part of this remarkable journey.
Distinguished guests included Alfonso Gomez, Mayor of Geneva, and Jane Hodges, former director of the International Labour Organization’s Bureau for Gender Equality.

Kateryna Dashevska, WFUWO’s Additional Representative to the UN Geneva, conveyed congratulations on behalf of the Federation. In her video statement, she shared WFUWO’s plans to promote women’s leadership, advocate for women and children’s rights, and provide aid to Ukrainians forcibly displaced by war.

The event served as a platform for a thought-provoking discussions on a range of crucial topics. The principle of gender equality, recognized as a fundamental precondition for global peace and justice, was central to these discussions.

Among the topics discussed were the historical evolution of gender discrimination, which was once a taboo subject, to the profound impact of modern technologies on our lives. The event underscored the transformative power of science and the imperative need to prioritize human rights in government policies.

A recurring theme was the vital role of communication and the internet in advancing gender equality. The resounding message was to “keep knocking at the door” and to remain visible and active in the pursuit of gender equality.

The 50th Anniversary of NGO CSW Geneva event was not only insightful, but also deeply inspiring. The idea that gender equality is not just a goal, but a powerful catalyst for positive change in the world was reinforced throughout the event. Attendees were encouraged to play an active role in advocating for women’s rights and to continue working towards a more just and equal society.

World Federation of Ukrainian Women’s Organizations was honored to be included in this celebration and remains committed to our mission of promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment globally. We look forward to continued collaboration with NGO CSW Geneva and other like-minded organizations to create a more equitable world for all.

Photos from this anniversary event here.

Photo credit: Michel Matthey de l’Etang, Muttenz (Switzerland)

Transcript of the video statement:

« Our world network will continue to promote women’s leadership, advocate for women and children’s rights, and provide aid to the Ukrainians forcibly displaced by war. Moreover, we want to see an end to the use of rape as a weapon of war.

We are so proud that Ukraine and the United Kingdom are co-chairs of the International Alliance for Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict. Оur sisters are seeking remedies and reparations for survivors, and for the aggressor – accountability for crimes against humanity. Together, we can create a world where women’s rights are respected, and justice prevails.

Happy 50th NGO CSW Geneva! »